23 Da Han (Part 1): I need more 'Star Trek drug'

A short introduction of director Da Han. This is the first part of the interview. Hope you enjoy. Please wait for the second part.

Da Han was one of the first filmmakers to produce and direct Star Trek Fan films. Recently, he and his fellow collaborators in Beijing began production on China's very first Star Trek fan film "TRek'd", shot on actual sets during the Star Trek exhibition in Beijing. The shooting is still going on, so if you have any talent in show business and want to play a part, any part, in the first Chinese Star Trek fan film ( in Chinese! ) you can hail him through feedback email below.

He also hosts Star Trek fan events in Beijing. He hopes to share his passion with Chinese trekkers, boldly, like few foreigners have done before…

导演Da Han的一个简短的采访(第一部分),希望您听得愉快。敬请期待第二部分。

Da Han是最早开始制作星际迷航粉丝剧的导演之一,现在他与他的小伙伴们在北京开拍中国的第一部星际迷航的粉丝剧 TRek'd。他们在星际迷航特展现场实景拍摄,目前拍摄还在继续,如果你有表演天赋,或者你还不知道你有表演天赋想试一下,欢迎找Da Han报名,成为中文星际迷航粉丝剧中的一员(主角或路人红衫均可)。报名直接联系下面的反馈邮箱即可。

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