33 Da Han (Part 2): You Have to Understand How to Control Doses

Da Han and I finally had time to finish the interview we started months ago. In this Part 2 we continued the "drug" metaphor and talked about his stories of making one of the earliest fan films of Star Trek, "The Quadroplastine Incident", or, "Yorktown: In Temporary Command", and the episode 2 of this Yorktown series is on next episode of this podcast. Hope you enjoy.

Recorded on 20170111, guest: Da Han, host: CrazyEMH(Sid in this interview)


00:25 What's pod? What does pod mean in podcast? - Quora

04:18 Mermaid(美人鱼, 2016) by Stephen Chow(周星驰)

08:02 Adrenalin/Epinephrine

09:47 The Brady Bunch", " Eight Is Enough"

20:05 " Home Sweet Home", first film Da Han made, a comedy staring Charlie Dell, watch online

22:10 Vin Diesel

23:26 The Twilight Zone

32:09 Star Trek: Phase II

33:26 Legal issues incompletely discussed here have no warrantee of correctness, please contact professionals.

38:03 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV series)

42:23 The Quadroplastine Incident/ Yorktown: In Temporary Command

1:13:31 Quadrotriticale was a high-yield, perennial grainin TOS 2x13 "The Trouble with Tribbles"

1:21:52 promotional art Da Han made can be seen on the "Yorktown: A Time to Heal" Facebook page.

1:22:08 Paragon's Paragon and their page:

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