34 Da Han (Part 3): I Am Laughing Just Thinking about It

Da Han talked about the production stories of the 2nd episode of the "Star Trek: Axiom" fan film, "Yorktown: A Time to Heal", starring George Takei and James Shigeta, and his thoughts and lessons learned during the failed production process working with producer Stan Woo. After that, we talked about the plot of the ongoing fan film "TReK'd" and our plans.

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Recorded on 20170111, guest: Da Han, host: CrazyEMH(Sid in this interview)


04:42 Fanboys (2009) - IMDb

05:14 Andrew Probert, a famed artist & illustrator, worked as senior consulting illustrator on the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, designing the USS Enterprise -D

07:36 James Shigeta

18:38 This left/right brain lateralization theory is scientifically NOT TRUE. See the links below:

20:01 Camera dolly

23:49 Stephen J. Cannell Productions provided incidental Sound FX

25:10 Bill Conti, composer and conductor of Rocky

27:47 Peter Kuran of ILM fame for SPFX offered consulting services

37:38 We're wrong again :)

42:23 apostrophe: '

42:45 Star Wreck, Hardware Wars

49:22 Trailer of TReK'd

49:58 Galaxy Quest

50:42 Airplane! (1980)

50:43 "Lower Decks" TNG 7x15

52:15 Michelle Yeoh is a Chinese Malaysian actress

54:07 Horatio Hornblower

54:11 Walter Mitty

1:19:28 Get Smart, Blazing Saddles, by Mel Brooks

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