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本集是 "Point of Light" DIS 2x03 剧评。



00:37:41 这里 Alex Kurtzman 确实说的是 路人粉 分不清楚 VOY 与 DS9,原文

I want to make sure that each [new "Star Trek"] show is a different and unique proposition. I think that "Deep Space Nine" and "Voyager" got into a tricky spot, where people were starting to feel like "I can't tell the difference between shows," even though they WERE very different. "I can't tell the difference so why would I pick one over the other?"

Our job is to make sure that every time you get a "Star Trek" show, it feels like a very different prospect from any other "Trek" show that exists — so that in the same way as in the world of Marvel or Pixar, you have multiple stories coexisting, and yet each one feels different, while there is kind of an assumption and understanding of what the brand identity of that thing is.

00:48:43 旧闻 Bryan Fuller Stepping Back From Showrunner Role on 'Star Trek: Discovery'

00:52:19 "Extinction" ENT 3x03

00:56:24 "Blood Fever" VOY 3x16

01:05:12 "The Omega Directive" VOY 4x21

01:06:40 "Justice" TNG 1x08

01:45:43 结尾提到的几个播客

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