RR1 Get Off the Couch and Do Something Creative

Starting a new podcast category now where we post after shows during TReK'd production, as it's now back to warp speed after some resource problem and the C&D from CBS/Paramount.

This is the first Ready Room episode, recorded just after we done a script read through. Raise your blue little antennas and subscribe for more Ready Room episodes, and, the release of our audio drama!

BTW we welcome any help you can offer, if you want to join the production just contact the feedback email below.

Recorded on 20180623, hosts: Martin|Da Han|CrazyEMH


04:51 星联英语补习班重新开课啦~

  • Exasperate
    • to make someone very annoyed by continuing to do something that upsets them
  • Exacerbate
    • to make a bad situation worse


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