SP6 Trek Dinner Role Playing Game Plot Discuss

This supplemental episode brings you a discussion about how to do Star Trek role playing games in the future Trek'Dinner event. Trek'Dinner is a monthly dinner get-together self-organized by Trek fans in Beijing. Contact us if you want to join the table and meet some new and old friends who love Star Trek as you do.


0:04 Intro

0:48 Is it a spinoff of TREK'D we are making?

1:17 How far the ship go? How the ship works? How work is assigned?

8:25 How Interstellar treat what-ifs and how-tos.

10:32 Technically, how do you do when your ship is in the middle of nowhere?

11:28 How well the computer system is functioning?

12:18 Why 100 years old? Why stick around the canon?

14:52 How is the ship's condition when the ship left the dock?

15:33 How the relationship is like between crewmen? Conflicted or trustful?

21:00 How do you write such a complex story?

23:12 Where the technology is set in the history of human exploration of space?

24:47 Where are humans in our evolution sociologically?

29:30 Who to make character likable?

33:34 How would we do next time?

36:55 Don't let me die!!!


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